Board of directors & Executive Team

Rickard Laurin
Chairman (Non Executive)
Former Managing Director and Chairman of Dunavant SA with about 40 years of experience in cotton trading. He is considered a pillar of the international cotton trade, Founder of Dunavant SA and oversaw its growth to a global leader in the international cotton market, retired as its Managing Director.
Bernard Lippuner
Director (Non Executive)
Highlights of his successful career include trading grain, rice and natural fibers for several international trading houses, Managing Director at Credit Suisse in charge of Commodity Trade Finance. Mr. Lippuner shares his expertise by being on board of various international banks and commodity trading companies.
Alain Imhof
Director (Non Executive)
After obtaining a double Master's degree from the University of Lausanne in Law and Political Sciences; he served as a Director at UBS and thereafter as Asia Team Leader at BNP Paribas Switzerland. Maître Imhof joined the Law Firm Etude Bettems, Stauffacher, Parisod, Perez & Imhof as Partner in 2014.

Damase Büchi
Vice Chairman & Director
Master’s degree from H.E.C., Lausanne. Accumulated over 30 years of experience in management and commodity trading. Started his career in 1982 with the ECOM group spending twenty years thereafter at Dunavant SA.
David Cavalleri
Managing Director
25 years of experience working with Dunavant and Louis Dreyfus Commodities. Started his career in 1991 with Dunavant and remained with the firm until 2012 when the company was purchased by Louis Dreyfus Commodities.