Our vision

Ethical, Social Responsability, Sustainability, Transparency
Integrity, Respect and Humility are our
Company Values 

The Management Team has been working in the cotton business few decades and always maintains the highest level of integrity and professionalism. Faircot SA is a member of the ICA, AFCOT, CmiA, BCI and is registered with AQSIQ in PRC. The Management believes in strong business ethic and strives to maintain the highest standards for the benefit of all business partners of Faircot.

Over the past decade, the cotton trading industry has been consolidating. Large multi-commodity companies grew at the expense of ever higher overheads per incremental volume. Meanwhile, smaller sized traditional cotton companies have pulled out of the cotton market due to inadequacy of their trading strategies in an environment with increased volatility and risks. With consumption changes in China, India and Pakistan, the international trade flows have shifted dramatically; with international trading opportunities for big volume purchases and sales having considerably declined.

Faircot SA distinguishes itself from the main large cotton merchants by offering a more personalized, flexible, tailor-made quality service to suppliers and customers, providing them with timely execution and delivery, and enabling them to better manage their risks. The textile mills we are working with are buying raw material of varying quality parameters to produce specific yarns, and raw cotton represents between 50 to 70% of the cost of their finished product. We believe we can help them manage their purchases and bring a good deal of added value.

Similarly, thanks to our experience of managing fixed assets across the globe (Africa, South America, Australia and Central Asia), we are able to provide a tailor made advice to our suppliers. This could include risk management advice, yield enhancement services and industrial audit.